ICO Scam or Not online detector

Hi πŸ™Œ
This is simply service for online analyse cryptocurrency backed ICO’s.
Name Scam index Status Base
Totum ico logo Totum 🀐 upcoming Ethereum
Calibrae ico logo Calibrae πŸ‘» upcoming Own
NapoleonX ico logo NapoleonX πŸ‘» upcoming Ethereum
SyncFab ico logo SyncFab πŸ‘» upcoming Ethereum
GraphGrailAi ico logo GraphGrailAi πŸ‘» upcoming Ethereum
LuckyToken  ico logo LuckyToken πŸ‘» upcoming Ethereum
Dogezer ico logo Dogezer πŸ‘» upcoming Ethereum
StopTheFakes ico logo StopTheFakes πŸ‘» upcoming Ethereum
ReMeChain ico logo ReMeChain πŸ‘» upcoming Ethereum
All In Communicator ico logo All In Communicator πŸ‘» upcoming Ethereum
BitRent ico logo BitRent πŸ‘» upcoming Ethereum
Nousplatform ico logo Nousplatform πŸ‘» upcoming Ethereum
FundRequest ico logo FundRequest πŸ‘» upcoming Ethereum
SALT ico logo SALT πŸ‘» upcoming Ethereum
MilkCoin ico logo MilkCoin πŸ‘ upcoming Ethereum
Credits (Pre-ICO) ico logo Credits (Pre-ICO) πŸ‘» upcoming Ethereum
CyberMiles ico logo CyberMiles πŸ‘» upcoming Ethereum ERC20 Token Standard
Earth Token ico logo Earth Token πŸ‘» upcoming Ethereum
fidentiaX ico logo fidentiaX πŸ‘» upcoming Ethereum
DreamTeam ico logo DreamTeam πŸ‘» upcoming Own
Bananacoin ico logo Bananacoin πŸ‘» upcoming Ethereum
SmartHoldem ico logo SmartHoldem πŸ‘» upcoming Own
Ammbr ico logo Ammbr πŸ‘» upcoming Own
BIG Foundation ico logo BIG Foundation πŸ‘» current Ethereum
Goodwill  ico logo Goodwill πŸ‘» current Ethereum
Witcoin ico logo Witcoin πŸ‘» current Ethereum
Blind Croupier ico logo Blind Croupier πŸ‘» current Ethereum
BANER ico logo BANER πŸ‘» current Waves
EOS ico logo EOS πŸ‘» current Own
Trump Tokens ico logo Trump Tokens πŸ‘» current Ethereum
Deco ico logo Deco πŸ‘» current Ethereum
The Memessenger ico logo The Memessenger πŸ‘» current Waves
Electronic Bill System  ico logo Electronic Bill System πŸ‘» current Ethereum
LevelNet ico logo LevelNet 🀐 current Ethereum
Boosteroid  ico logo Boosteroid πŸ‘» current Ethereum
Okolofutbola ico logo Okolofutbola πŸ‘» current Ethereum
Speed Mining Service ico logo Speed Mining Service πŸ‘» current Ethereum
Arbi ico logo Arbi πŸ‘» current Ethereum
Beluga Pay ico logo Beluga Pay πŸ‘» current Ethereum
Cryder ico logo Cryder πŸ‘» current Ethereum
StockBet ico logo StockBet πŸ‘» current Ethereum
RET ico logo RET πŸ‘» current Ethereum
SecurityPlusCloud ico logo SecurityPlusCloud πŸ‘» current Ethereum
ZEUS ico logo ZEUS πŸ‘» current Ethereum
TrueDonate ico logo TrueDonate πŸ‘» current Ethereum
Wireline ico logo Wireline 🀐 current Ethereum
GATCOIN ico logo GATCOIN πŸ‘» current Ethereum
Crypterium ico logo Crypterium πŸ‘» current Ethereum
Tokens.Property  ico logo Tokens.Property πŸ‘» current Waves
Moldcoin ico logo Moldcoin πŸ‘» current Ethereum